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The present participle is wanting in nearly all verbs in -ire. Comprimere to compress; comprèssi, comprimesti, comprèsse, com- primemmo, comprim.éste, compressero. A list of strong, irregular, defective, and other difficult verbs and of all \'erbs in -ire, with hints as to their conjugation.

Affienire to he like hay, Affievolire to weaken ; like Finire. Affiochire to make hoarse, Affittire to thicken ; like Finire. Affràngere to break; affran-go, -gi; affransi, affranto. Aggiùngere to add ; aggiungo, -gi ; aggiunsi, aggiunto. Future : — Cred-erò, -erài, -era, -eremo, -créte, -erànno. Cred-erèi, -erésti, -crébbe, -erémmo, -créste, -crébbero. Regular (or weak) verbs, whether in -ère or -ere, e.g. Temere to fear, are conjugated as follows: Indicative. Perfect : — Cred-éi or -étti, -ésti, -é or -ètte, -èmmo, -éste, -érono or -éttero. A SHORT TALÌAN DICTIONARY VOLUME I ITALIAN-ENGLISH AV-^mcm h ROM THE AUTHOR'S . ER DICTIONARY A SHORT ITALIAN DICTIONARY CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS C.

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