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So, Walt’s blue-meth business is going international now.

Higher pay means higher risk, and so many more ways to get caught and/or killed.

And, furthermore, she knows a lot about international product distribution, and that knowledge is exactly what she offers Walt in exchange for her life.

It works: they shake on it, and he lets her walk out Ricin-free.

But Hank, high on confidence, walks out on the deal.

Dejected, he goes home to drink away his sorrows with Walt.

moments, and as Hank’s toilet trip proved, the same is literally true for the show’s midseason finales. The episode is packed with references, explicit and implicit, to the show’s past.

It opens with Walt looking reflective, staring at a lone fly buzzing around the Vamanos Pest Control office.

“I’ve got eight other assholes just like you.” Those words are going to sting later!

In a seedy Albuquerque motel, Walt is negotiating a deal with Todd’s contract-killer uncle.

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