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All Buddhist traditions have nuns, although their status is different among Buddhist countries.

The Buddha is reported to have allowed women into the sangha only with great reluctance, predicting that the move would lead to Buddhism's collapse after 500 years, rather than the 1,000 years it would have enjoyed otherwise.

However, some of them have played an important role in dhamma-practitioners' community.

There are in Thai Forest Tradition foremost nuns such as Mae Ji Kaew Sianglam, the founder of the Nunnery of Baan Huai Saai, who is believed by some to be enlightened The relatively active roles of Taiwanese nuns were noted by some studies.

She reports that while outsiders did not necessarily regard their vocation as unworthy of respect, they still tended to view the nuns as social misfits." Wei-yi Cheng studied Luminary (Hsiang Kuang 香光) order in southern Taiwan.While in common usage the terms "nun" and "sister" are often used interchangeably (the same title of "Sister" for an individual member of both forms), they are considered different ways of life, with a "nun" being a religious woman who lives a contemplative and cloistered life of meditation and prayer for the salvation of others, while a "religious sister", in religious institutes like St.Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity, lives an active vocation of both prayer and service, often to the needy, ill, poor, and uneducated.Cheng reviewed earlier studies which suggest that Taiwan's Zhaijiao tradition has a history of more women participation, and that the economic growth and the loosening of family restriction allowed more women to become nuns.Based on studies of Luminary order, Cheng concluded that the monastic order in Taiwan was still young and gave nuns more rooms of development, and more mobile believers helped the order.

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Because ten nuns are required to ordain a new one, the effort to establish the Dharmaguptaka bhikkhu tradition has taken a long time.

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