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In addition, Brian learns that Cleveland may have gotten a genital wart from having sex with Carolyn.

Okay, so Family Guy is notoriously unpopular right now due to some terrible episodes from last season. ..yet another Brian episode: Brian sets his sights on a girl named Carolyn and follows Stewie's advice to take things slow with the relationship, only to drive her crazy and straight into Cleveland's arms.

Stewie explains that Brian always rushes into his relationships too quickly, and that is why he can never maintain them.

Brian agrees and begins following Stewie's advice of taking things slow.

The part about Loretta's return, outside Cleveland's closure with her, felt quite pointless knowing he'll be on his own series soon, which still feels like a bad idea. Nearly all the jokes involving costumes at the party worked (Woodstock talking to Brian, Joe only being labeled as "Crippled _______", etc.

I just thought that overall most everything worked in this episode.

When she invites him in for the night after a date, Stewie stops them.There were a couple of references like that (the Robin Williams one for example) but they were fleeting and didn't drag out in an embarrassing "Look how cool we are, everyone else sucks" diatribe. Loretta and Cleveland were suprisingly written well.4/5, though I can't say I'm excited by the prospect of the Cleveland spinoff despite my vote in the poll. Brian was annoying throughout the episode but stewie was pretty good.[but I have a feeling the Jesus one will blow this one off the top of the water] What the fuck is up with Family Guy's blaring liberalism?They're killing Brian each and every time they use him.

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Loretta tells Cleveland to meet her at her hotel, which he does.

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