Find your face mate dating site, a dating site launching this month, aims to take a unique spin on dating.That spin, as strange as it sounds, is matching candidates up based on similar facial features.The closer the facial structure, the closer the match.

I understand that Find Your Facemate’s mission statement is to not promote “sticking to your own kind,” but let’s get real now: Most people who are going to sign up to use this service are primarily expecting to be matched with someone who is the same race as they are.While that might be even more uncanny, you can also probably select candidates by their differing hobbies and backgrounds that sound interesting.Founder Christina Bloom is confident in the site’s success, and was inspired by the remarks of how similar she and her ex-husband resembled one another.If anything, this will be an amazing, if awkward, new source for reuniting long lost twins. Â The son of a Greek River God who topped the Darwin Awards after falling in love with his own damn reflection in the river and when he tried to kiss it, he drowned literally in his own vanity.

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