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In their free time, Louie and his BFFs have some serious cuddle sessions and adorably exchange kisses.

It sounds as weird as any other animal dating sim, but it's worth a try; the game is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC at a price you name.Nervously, I popped The Question: What is your ideal starting Pokémon?It’s a question all people desperate to own a dog have asked themselves: would I be willing to pretend to be interested in a potential date so I can eventually play with their puppy (not a euphemism)? Especially if you can convince whoever they are to go for a nice picnic in the park for the first date. But it’s the whole Which is why we’re very, very happy to announce that Pugfest are bringing the UK the first ever pug-themed dating event: for single pug owners or pug obsessives looking for love. “I was meant to be in a music video” -Doug Doug stars as @Joe Jonas in the new @DNCE lyric video for Kissing Strangers feat. Who doesn’t love a good book especially on a cold, wet weekend?!? A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette attempts to explain these rules, thereby advancing pug-human relations to hitherto unprecedented heights.”“Who knew that sniffing someone’s backside in a park could be so alluring?!

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